Would you like to experience these places I have been?

Even if I have been to a place to give you first hand knowledge, because things in the travel industry change so quickly, I research every trip, every time.


United States (all states), Canada


Peru (April 2024), Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands


Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Columbia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Belize, Honduras, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John), Cayman Islands, St. Martin


China, Turkey


Germany, United Kingdom (Wales, England, Scotland), France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Canary Islands (Sept 2023), Czech Republic, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein


South Africa (safari), Egypt, Morocco (September 2023)

I'll reduce your stress and risk, add convenience and increase your travel value as well as help you if there are any issues during your travels. I am an explorer who will investigate, discover and reveal extraordinary experiences for you!

1.  CONSULT.  Have a free, initial consultation with me, your personal Travel Advisor, Jennifer Herrick. 

2. SIGN AGREEMENT AND PAY FEES.  There is incredible value in working with a human, not a computer. When you realize you don't want to tackle the daunting project of researching suppliers, planning, booking, verifying, documenting and preparing itineraries and you want to leave that all, especially researching great, vetted suppliers you probably don't even know about, up to me, you then you sign the terms and conditions agreement, pay the research and planning fee and schedule your discovery interview.  

The travel industry has evolved to charging a research and planning fee. This fee assures we are both committed to your great trip.  My fees mean I work for YOU, not the supplier.  For a cruise or prepackaged itinerary, my average fee for two people is $200 for five hours. For a custom package, my average fee for two people is $400 for ten hours. Additional time for more complex itineraries or client initiated changes may be billed at $40 per hour.  I will let you know in advance if there will be fees beyond the average research and planning fee.  Additional travelers are $100 each.  I will start working on your incredible trip once the fee has been paid. Clients have 30 days from the time the itinerary is presented to book the trip or else a portion all of the fee may be charged again.  

Many people do not realize that most airlines no longer pay commissions to travel advisors.  If you would like me to book your flights so I will be able to research and monitor them and notify you of any changes or issues, there is a $35 fee per person per round-trip flight. If you book your own flights, I will not have access to monitor them or help you if there are any issues.  If flights are included as part of your cruise or package, there will be no additional $35 fees.

3.  DISCOVERY INTERVIEW.  The main decision maker(s) and I will meet via phone, internet or in person for approximately one hour for your discovery interview. This initial time investment will save us both time and money because I will discover what motivates and excites you about travel. I will help you assess and prioritize the facets of your trip: destination, transportation, accommodations, dining, activities, length of trip and time of year.  

4. CURATE.  During the next week or two, I will curate one unique, custom itinerary tailored to your style, taste and budget as well as two others you possibly never even dreamed of.  With my membership, training and preferred status with vetted suppliers through Virtuoso travel consortium as well as other suppliers throughout the world, I will include personalized, unforgettable experiences, expert guides and a mix of known and hidden treasures. 

5. APPROVE ITINERARY AND PAY SUPPLIERS.  After selecting your favorite (or two or three!) itinerary, you approve the proposal, pay supplier deposits and I will then book your travel, tours, excursions, transfers, restaurants, activities and anything else in your custom package and present your confirmed itinerary. Remember, nothing is confirmed until the deposits and/or full payments, if required, are paid. I will also assist with your selection and purchase of travel insurance which I highly recommend.  

6. GATHER DOCUMENTS.  Gather your travel documents such as your visas, if necessary, and passports and schedule any vaccinations you discover are required.

7. CONFER.  Between the date your trip is confirmed and the date of your departure, we will confer about any more details. You are welcome to call me at 303-918-9039 with any questions.  I will also email you special insights such as customs in the country, a packing list and special restaurants.

8. GO!  Now, pack your bags and go have some fun! If you need anything during your trip, you may call any time. Please be mindful of time zones and try to call me at night only if you have an emergency. And I'd love to see some of your travel photos while you're on your trip.  If you like, I'll share some on social media and the website. 

9. REVIEW AND DREAM.  Meet me via phone, internet or in person for approximately a half hour to review your trip. I want to know all about it!  And let's start dreaming of your next trip!

"Why would I use a Travel Advisor when . . ."

From ASTA, the American Society of Travel Advisors

“I book online because it’s cheaper. I’ve seen the deals.”

There are some great prices online. Sometimes though, hidden taxes, surcharges, resort fees and such get added after arrival, making it higher in the end than other offers or even better resorts. If you’d like help, I’m trained to know the difference.

“I book myself so I control what I see and get.”

I understand that. Just watch out. A lot of websites filter and bias what you see based on your browser and purchase history. You might get completely different options from someone else. Luckily, travel advisors get unfiltered access to everything for our clients. Let me know if something looks suspicious.

“I LIKE doing it myself!"

Isn’t it great? It’s so much fun to check out videos, reviews, and do those 360º virtual tours. I love it. I’m just thankful I know how to spot the real deals from the photo-shopped rip-offs. It’s easier for me since I do this all day every day. If something catches your eye, call me and I’ll work my magic on it.

“I don’t need a travel agent; I always know what I want.”

My clients often know what they want too. But there are some critical details that can change everything. I make sure they aren’t risking it, so they GET the experiences they want – good versions of them, and not unpleasant surprises. I am also here to take care of them if anything goes wrong no matter what we book. We are very well connected. I’ve got their backs every step of the way. I can help you too.